#PULSE18 – Elephant and Castle

Showing on Wed 6 Jun
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Do you tell the truth when you talk in your sleep?

The first time my wife and I shared a bed I told her “I want to get in a wardrobe and take you
to Elephant and Castle”. I was asleep.

Do you tell the truth when you talk in your sleep? Are sleep-talkers always on the verge of admitting some dark desire or, even more unthinkable, telling the person we share a bed with what we really think of them?

That’s the dangerous premise behind ‘Elephant and Castle,’ a new, experimental show that springs from three years of recorded sleep talk.

From there, it becomes tender, funny, uncomfortable and dark too, as the mutterings never quite take the form of honest coherence. But does the incoherence conceal the truth? Is there something
struggling to be said? Something perhaps that is painful and potentially disastrous for this relationship? Using live music, song and verbatim sleep recordings, Elephant and Castle is a Gig Theatre show about the joy and terror of sharing your bed with a sleep-talker.
􀋒􀋒􀋒􀋒 ‘A tightly, freshly executed, bijou musical about Adams' parasomnia, Henley’s extraordinary voice and the pair's distinctive, appealing onstage chemistry make this show.’
- The Stage

􀋒􀋒􀋒􀋒 ‘Hilarious… Someone once said swearing isn’t funny or clever. This show begs to differ!”
Michael Davis, Breaking the Fourth Wall.com

"A tender, funny and entirely unique gig-theatre show sounding the marvels of marital intimacy.
Brian Logan, Artistic Director, Camden People’s Theatre

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Running time: 1 hours

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Wednesday 06 Jun 2018

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