#PULSE17 – The Girl And The Giraffe

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The Girl and the Giraffe interview

An uplifting show about friendship

One day whilst Girl is playing in her garden, she spots something peculiar on the other side of the fence. Climbing up as high as she can to get a better view, she is surprised when she comes face to face with... Giraffe!

As their friendship grows, Girl discovers that Giraffe isn't very well. She tries everything she can to make him feel a bit better; putting on bandages, making a cup of tea, and even baking a truly magnificent cake, but she doesn't get it quite right. Girl soon realises that Giraffe doesn't need a plaster for a graze on his arm or a scratch on his knee. Giraffe is sad. Sometimes we need a different kind of plaster for the things you can't always see.

Charming puppetry, an enchanting soundscape and beautiful storytelling combine in this sensitive show about wellbeing and friendship, told from a child's perspective.

Reviews of #PULSE17 – The Girl And The Giraffe

What the press say

"Charming and humorous, the Girl and the Giraffe proves that what we need when helping one another is exactly what our long-necked friend already has: a big heart."

Exeunt Magazine

"It is so very important to ensure that children’s earliest experiences of live theatre are positive. The Girl And The Giraffe certainly succeeds in that regard, and Mums and Dads will be charmed too."

Stage Talk Magazine

“Very little noise was made as little bodies leaned forward to catch every sound and see it all. On the way out of the theatre they all rushed to say goodbye as they happily clambered out of the magical space created for them.”

Live Theatre UK

What the public say

"I just wanted to say how brilliant The Girl and the Giraffe was today. I struggle to explain to my kids why mummy is down and cries sometimes and this was just spot on. I really identified with some of the emotions that the giraffe felt, especially when he starts to feel better and comes out to play but is still a bit unsure. I’ve got something to use to explain bad days to my son now; I can say that I feel sad like giraffe. I think a lot of adults would have learnt from the play as well. Thank you for putting it on."

Audience Member, Tobacco Factory Theatre

“When I broke my leg, people wanted to help me, but when I had depression no one cared because they couldn't see it, your show has a really important message behind it.”

Audience Member, Quarterhouse Theatre

“The play was wonderful, creative, funny and interesting. I am a father who suffers from chronic depression. One day I will talk to the kids about it. Until (and on) that day I will always have your show to refer to.”

Audience Member, Wise Words Festival

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