#PULSE17 – Learning How To Die

Showing on Sun 4 Jun
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Learning How To Die Trailer

Learning How to Die might just change the way you live.

This is a show about death. It’s not a show about being sad. Or about grief. Or pity. This is a show about the actuality of dying and how an acceptance of mortality can drive a passion for life.

Learning How To Die asks what scares us about dying, and how can we use that fear to drive our living actions. Can we stop being scared of talking about dying? Can we find new ways to talk about death now, not just when we are faced with it, or have to deal with someone else’s? It won’t make it any less painful but it might just make things easier.

Join Luca in Learning How to Die and it might just change the way you live.

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Reviews of #PULSE17 – Learning How To Die

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“Luca Rutherford’s one-woman show about understanding and accepting death exposes the raw, throbbing nerve of these interactions... painted with the kind of gentle humour which fills us with both heartache and awe.”

NARC Magazine

“One admires Rutherford not only for the bravery it takes to confront an audience with controversial issues, but also her ability to offer up her perspective with a quiet and convincing conviction.”

Everything Theatre

“Here is someone who wants all of life to feel like a funeral, but “without the pain and suffering”, only that sense that the people around us and the things we do are so, so important.”


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Sunday 04 Jun 2017

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