#PULSE16 – The Wedding

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A work-in-progress exploring the ritual of wedding, which will premiere in 2017

Presented By Gecko

A work in progress sharing

Created by Amit Lahav

As the world becomes more connected and our own country is enriched with multiple ethnicities, Gecko will draw on influences of cultures from around the world, exploring the ritual of the wedding and its place in modern society.

Taking as the starting point the relationship between two people and the contract that they enter into, we will also investigate the marriage between the individual and the state. Are we a happy couple or are we entrapped, and is divorce an option?

Join local Ipswich company Gecko as they share the first findings of their new show, which will premiere in spring 2017.

“The attention to detail extends to all aspects of this beautifully realised production…all in all, it makes for a unique vision.” ★★★★
The Independent on Institute

Gecko is supported by Arts Council England and Ipswich Borough Council.

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