#PULSE16 – The Going Away Days - New Wolsey Theatre

#PULSE16 – The Going Away Days

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An intimate perspective from the hidden lives of football hooligans

Presented by Full Pelt Theatre

Burnley, 1987. A wasteland. A stone’s throw away from a football ground.

Adam has a rival firm bearing down on him. Does he fight or move on? What do you call family? How far would you go to protect them? ‘The Going Away Days’ is an intimate perspective from the hidden lives of football hooligans. Following the journey of a young man, Adam, trying to find his place, prove his worth and deal with the pressure of becoming a man.

Reviews of #PULSE16 – The Going Away Days

What the public say

A fantastic, fast paced piece of new writing with an excellent energetic cast. Funny, touching and exhilarating.

Robyn Grant

I saw GAD at Debut in Feb 2016. Such a contemporary show that hits you as soon as it begins. The catchy soundtrack, honest speech and slick movement all adds together to create a high energy piece that is a must see!! Highly recommended!

Allie Munro

‘The Going Away Days’ by Full Pelt Theatre depicts a story where football and family collide. The almighty BYF rule the stage with electric fight scenes and cutting language while family’s fracture and struggle to survive under this pressure. Written by Aaron Dart the story follows Adam a young man faced with the ultimatum family or the firm. Through viscous movement directed by Aidan Napier the dark side of football supporters is strikingly prevalent. From the get go the firm scream abuse whilst ramming a bench towards the audience. The company portray a wild, proud and intimidating firm, however the fear towards the supporters is repeatedly undermined by comedy. Movement collides and repels the actors whilst speaking the text, revealing two people in love yet viscously rubbing on one another’s nerves. Nothing in their relationship was secure, and their movement felt appropriately unstable. Full Pelt Theatre captures all of the explosiveness of football culture whilst honoring scenes of family and heartache. Testimony to the actor’s ability characters were portrayed with a thuggish attitude yet underlined by insecurity and a need for family. Appropriate movement was aesthetically pleasing whilst establishing a dramatic difference between family life and the firm. ‘The Going Away Days’ is new writing with a prevailing story, which kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

Phoebe Stapleton

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