#PULSE15 – If I Were Me - New Wolsey Theatre

#PULSE15 – If I Were Me

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A wittily surreal and dark portrayal of identity, from last year’s winner of Suitcase Prize Day.

Presented by ANTLER

It’s spring. The world is in bloom. Phillip tends to his dying potted daffodil.

A copywriter at an advertising agency, fading into the background of a pale office wall, he rearranges words until they work. But life isn't so easily edited.

Phillip doesn't want to be Phillip. But what if he never really has been? What if Phillip is yet to become Phillip?

And then there’s Person, who isn’t anybody...yet

ANTLER return to Pulse Festival with If I Were Me - a wittily surreal and dark portrayal of identity and its ongoing performance.

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