#PULSE15 – Easy For You To Say - New Wolsey Theatre

#PULSE15 – Easy For You To Say

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A show that considers the effects of a society obsessed with normality.

Presented by ROWAN JAMES

Rowan is a poet diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty and speech impediment, who can be disabled by other people’s perceptions. Marv Radio is a beatboxer with dexterous lips and an arsenal of sounds at his disposal. Consider the effects of a society obsessed with normality - what’s so important about 'blending in'?


Devised and performed by Rowan James and Marv Radio
Directed by Daniel Pitt
Mentoring by Hannah Jane Walker

Commissioned by Cambridge Junction. Supported by Cambridge Junction and New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich through Escalator Performing Arts, and Stopgap Dance Company’s iF Platform. Funded by Arts Council England.

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