#PULSE15 – Bookstory - New Wolsey Theatre

#PULSE15 – Bookstory

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A tiny puppet musical with some very big ideas for ages 7+.


In Brian’s library, the books are all in a muddle. The Romance is rubbing shoulders with the DIY manual and the Dictionary is sharing a shelf with the Whodunnit. What’s going on? To get to bottom of it, the books must work together – but how? Books can’t move…or can they?

Bookstory is a tiny puppet musical with some very big ideas. Suitable for anyone over the age of 7, it uses songs, puppetry and dynamic performance to tell the story of the story in the digital age.

Written, directed and composed by Ben Glasstone
Designed by Philip Bosworth
Performed and devised by Philip Bosworth, Karina Garnett and Gilbert Taylor

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What the public say

We all really enjoyed this. We were aged from 7 to adult. It was excellent entertainment and we found it easy to believe in the talking books as characters. A clever and well timed mix of recorded and live dialogue and music, actors able to move between the different characters with ease and a fourth member of the team helping with sound and light to great effect. I thought it deserved a bigger audience than were there in the little studio theatre and that people missed out on a good performance. Recommended if it plays again here or anywhere else.

Mrs Evans

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