#PULSE14 – World Factory: The Shirt

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28 Hands Make Light Work

Presented by METIS Arts.

METIS’ Zoë Svendsen & Simon Daw present The Shirt, part of the World Factory project, which explores the relationship between China and the UK through the lens of the global textile industry.

Collaborating with Shanghai-based theatre director, Zhao Chuan, to research the topic, Zoë and Simon have decided to (attempt to) participate in the system, by having a shirt made in a Chinese factory. This is however no ordinary shirt – buyers of the shirt will be able to use a bespoke app to discover the world behind its production.

Come and find out how they are getting on as well as hearing from Simon Cantrill of the BBC's Great British Sewing Bee & Bradford Industrial Museum and entering into a discussion on global shifts in the textile industry and the joys of making and maintaining your own clothes.

Suitable for ages 12+

This event will be hosted in the bar of the theatre. Due to the limited capacity, please ensure you reserve your ticket in advance.

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