#PULSE13 – The Forest & The Field

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The Forest & The Field is a gently seductive, immersive piece of non-fiction storytelling, which asks its audience to look at themselves, and to consider what we’re all doing when we meet in a theatre space. Drawing on a wealth of examples from Shakespeare to O.J. Simpson, The Forest & The Field creates a space for reflecting on theatre, from inside the moment of its happening. The piece considers how makers and audiences over time have imagined what theatre is, and how it relates to the world around it; and it asks some searching questions about how theatre might change to meet the social and cultural challenges of tomorrow - and how we might change with it. Relaxed and informal, yet passionate and provocative, The Forest & The Field opens up an irresistible invitation not only to theatre makers and thoughtful audiences, but to anyone with an interest in how we live today.

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