#PULSE17 – There Shall Be Fireworks

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Real life story of an Amercian stockbroker's relationship with Afghanistan

Inspired by the path to Afghanistan, well-trodden down the ages whether by Western merchants, missionaries, Hippies or soldiers, There Shall Be Fireworks unearths a startling tale from a cemetery in Kabul known as the 'Graveyard of Foreigners'.
It's a send-off hosted by an American stockbroker turned statesman, thwarted in one wildly ambitious plan to change the world for good. In a fragile solo haunted by hope and misadventure, he bids farewell once again to the land that he loves.

The Plasticine Men search for stories together that beg to be told onstage, crafting shows of heart and consequence that get under the skin.

Director and writer: Simon Day
Performer and co-writer: Martin Bonger
Designer: Max Johns
Lighting Designer: Rachael Duthie
Sound Designer: Ben Osborn
Composer: Jennifer Bell

Twitter and Facebook: @PlasticineMen

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