PULSE Presents: This Is What Men Do - New Wolsey Theatre

PULSE Presents: This Is What Men Do

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Presented by Nigel and Louise

After an extensive period of research exploring the influence of men in world history and in domestic life, Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari present the results of that research, performed by a group of local women, for one night only.

Nigel & Louise are a New Wolsey Theatre Associate Company

Reviews of PULSE Presents: This Is What Men Do

What the public say

SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SEE SOMETHING - ANYTHING - ELSE! This is the very worst thing I have ever seen at the Wolsey. It is self-indulgent and pretentious. It has no balance - according to this production, men do nothing good or worthwhile. It is factually incorrect in parts - probably more parts than I noticed. A complete waste of the ticket price - they should pay you to watch.

Karen Bushell

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