PULSE Presents: The Search for a Black-Browed Albatross

Showing on Tue 25 Sep
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Coat? Check. Tent? Check. A father’s lifelong ambition to complete? Check.

Charlie is about to embark on the journey that her late father never did. To find the one bird that had eluded him, to rekindle their lost relationship. A beautiful, joyous, handmade adventure with puppetry, music, and a girl that just really wants to see a bird. Winner of the NSDF Festgoer's Award, The Sunday Times Playwriting Award and The Buzz Goodbody Director Award

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Reviews of PULSE Presents: The Search for a Black-Browed Albatross

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“Delicate, inventive work from a talented company”

Lyn Gardner.

“Minimalist, Imaginative & Wonderful’’

Exeunt Magazine.


The Sunday Times.

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Tuesday 25 Sep 2018

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