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What is it like going through adolescence at the age of 33?

One year after transgender man Kit receives his first injection of testosterone he enters a male gym changing room for the first time. For the other guys this is just another routine moment in an ordinary changing room, but for Kit it becomes an urgent search to uncover what it means to be a man.

Critically acclaimed Rhum and Clay collaborate with writer/performer Kit Redstone and wonderful drag BAME performer Daniel Jacob, in this comical, coming-of-age quest for a masculine identity in an environment that affords little space to hide.

This comical piece of physical theatre is an exploration of Masculine identity through the lens of a 'brand new man'. Rhum and Clay’s TESTOSTERONE asks a series of questions; ‘When did I become a man?’, ‘Have I ever been a woman?’, and ‘When did I lose the right to cry?’. These questions are not merely rhetorical. As a trans man, a year after his first injection of testosterone, Kit asks them, not only to better understand himself, but also to unpack the complex, contradictory and sometimes toxic world of men.

Reviews of PULSE Presents: TESTOSTERONE

What the press say

“Showcases voices rarely heard on stage.' ★★★★★

WestEnd Wilma

‘Awe inspiring...gives us a terrific understanding of the process of self-realisation, carried out before our eyes.' ★★★★★

Culture Whisper

'Lucid, funny and moving'


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