PULSE Presents: Captain Morgan - New Wolsey Theatre

PULSE Presents: Captain Morgan

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Presented by Tap-Tap Theatre

Captain Morgan and First Mate Hammond quest for the secrets of time-travel in a rip-roaring comedy adventure.

All the monsters, sword fights and shivered timbers you’d expect from a Hollywood blockbuster, delivered by two actors and one musician. Using nothing but their bodies to conjure objects and set, Morgan and Hammond must slay monsters, battle sea gods and outwit the dastardly privateer Renshaw to claim the ultimate prize – the Sands of Time.

Reviews of PULSE Presents: Captain Morgan

What the press say

“A rip-roaring comedy epic” ★★★★

The Scotsman

“A raucous adventure filled with more laughs than seems possible in a mere hour” ★★★★★

British Theatre Guide

“An explosion of pure imagination” ★★★★

A Younger Theatre

What the public say

Listen intently, laugh in delight, smile in awe, as the two actors create so many characters in just one hour. It is what a comedy should be.


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