Pre Show Meal (The Sword In The Stone) - New Wolsey Theatre

Pre Show Meal (The Sword In The Stone)

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Make your visit complete by choosing a two course option from a pre show menu when you book your tickets.

Make a note of which menu options you would like as we will request these during the booking process. If you would like to make any changes to your meal you can do so up to 48 hours prior to the date, please call 01473 295900.

Meals are served from two hours before the performance and to ensure a comfortable dining experience customers must be seated by 90 minutes before performance start time.


Mustard Chicken, Potato Dauphinoise and Greens
Catherine Wheel Sausage and Horseradish Mash with seasonal vegetables
Ricotta Fritters, with Tomato Sauce & Courgette Salad

Mint Crunch
Christmas Pudding

OPTION 1 Mustard Chicken / Mint Crunch
OPTION 2 Mustard Chicken / Christmas Pudding
OPTION 3 Catherine Wheel Sausage / Mint Crunch
OPTION 4 Catherine Wheel Sausage / Christmas Pudding
OPTION 5 Ricotta Fritters / Mint Crunch
OPTION 6 Ricotta Fritters / Christmas Pudding

Reviews of Pre Show Meal (The Sword In The Stone)

What the public say

Just top-notch, laugh-out-loud entertainment - we love it so much we go twice each year... Usually before Christmas and then after, during the dull, grey, January blues.... This year we're booked for the very last performance on the 30th January and I cannot wait! Not so sure about my husband, Giles, as the beautiful Dame always seems to make a bee-line for him.... But I suspect he loves the attention.... Really :) Great, fantastic, brilliant show, the cast, and the very important behind the scenes crew all do an extraordinary job of delivering the best panto EVER!!!

Karen & Giles Fairweather

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