Pre Show Meal (March) - New Wolsey Theatre

Pre Show Meal (March)

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Make your visit complete by choosing a two course option from a pre show menu when you book your tickets. Make a note of which menu options you would like as we will request these during the booking process. If you would like to make any changes to your meal you can do so up to 48 hours prior to the date, please call 01473 295900. Meals are served from two hours before the performance, customers must be seated by 90 minutes before performance start time.


Crispy Parma Pork with Minted Courgettes & Brown Rice
Griddled Tuna with Mixed Salad
Bruschetta and Cheese Potato Skins with Salsa (V)

Apple Crumble Crunch
Raspberry Brulee

OPTION 1 Crispy Parma Pork / Apple Crumble Crunch
OPTION 2 Crispy Parma Pork / Raspberry Brulee
OPTION 3 Griddled Tuna / Apple Crumble Crunch
OPTION 4 Griddled Tuna / Raspberry Brulee
OPTION 5 Bruschetta and Cheese Potato Skins / Apple Crumble Crunch
OPTION 6 Bruschetta and Cheese Potato Skins / Raspberry Brulee

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