Pop-Up Performance – NW Senior Youth Theatre

Showing on Fri 29 Jul
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The photo shows a young man in mid-air as he jumps from wall to wall in the street.

Presented by the New Wolsey Senior Youth Theatre in collaboration with Ockham’s Razor.

Young people used to play in the streets, but now there’s a camera on every lamp post.

What happens when young people inhabit the public realm? Who gets to control our civic spaces? And if you’re a young person born and brought up in Ipswich, why does it sometimes feel like adults won’t make a space for you?

The New Wolsey’s Senior Youth Theatre have spent a week working with professional artists from Ockham’s Razor, sharing ideas, developing skills and creating a pop-up performance in response to Ockham’s show Public. Now, they’re bringing their powerful, playful, outdoor performance to somewhere near you… but who’s watching who?

Please note: this event takes place outside Ipswich Town Hall.

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Friday 29 Jul 2022

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