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Oedipus Electronica

Performed on Sat 14 Oct

Pecho Mama

Pecho Mama

Pecho Mama

Three figures pose for a photograph at different levels. One wears a smart shirt and tie, one wears a skirt and black lacey vest, the other is topless and wearing tie-dye black trousers. The background behind them is a dark brown. They all look seriously at the camera, their hands resting ominously on each other's shoulders. A white, glowing title at the bottom of the image reads 'Oedipus Electronica.'

An electrifying re-imagining of the ultimate love triangle. Mother. Father. Son.

Pecho Mama's radical reinvention of the myth is a powerhouse production for our times, telling Jocasta's story, and marrying London’s domestic grit with searing live Electronica.

Jo is a playwright struggling with a commission deadline, and the threat of an emergency hysterectomy. Over 24 mind bending hours, she feverishly writes her own Oedipus, the most explosive of Greek myths, and exorcises her long buried grief for the child that didn’t live.

Oedipus Electronica takes us to the playground of the female psyche, in all its feral, carnal and creative glory. Mella Faye (who performs, writes and directs) has created a mutli-layered powerhouse of a theatre show, driven by a muscular live band on stage.

It’s a spectacle that is fearless, uncompromising and unlike anything else you’ve seen on the stage.

Please note this performance runs for 75mins, with no interval.

Age guidance: 15+.

Show Trigger Warnings: Flashing lights, loud noise, scenes of a sexual nature, distressing content including graphic depictions of violence and miscarriage.

Reviews of Oedipus Electronica

What the press say

★★★★ 'A thrilling, thought-provoking, contemporary gig-theatre take on Oedipus Rex'

The Stage

★★★★★ 'The cast offer standout performances at every point in the production of 'Oedipus Electronica' and the show carries with it a powerful vibrancy. This play is not only a pleasure but a privilege to watch'

Theatre Weekly

★★★★★ 'Brilliant'

The Mumble

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