OCO-2 - New Wolsey Theatre


Performed on Sat 23 Oct

Part of HighTide's Inventing The Future Festival’ a festival of live play readings and activities. For more information on the festival please click the link below.

“My empty womb is screaming at me, but my head is calculating carbon emissions.”

Ice caps are melting.
Population levels are rising.

Dr Price has introduced The Process, a radical population control policy to restore the earth’s optimal temperature.
Despite being told her baby has been aborted, Lucy is convinced her baby is still alive.
But when the two women come face-to-face, a staggering commonality sparks mayhem, and Lucy learns getting her child back will trigger a climate apocalypse.

‘Right now, you are not you. You have enough hormones in your body to attack an army of bulls, because you think you’ll win. You aren’t capable of making this decision logically, let me make it for you.’

A play about instinct.
A play about reason.
A play about love.

Suitable for ages 15+

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