Northanger Abbey

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A Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds Production

A delightful stage version of Jane Austen’s earliest novel

Catherine Morland loves a good novel and the more ‘horrid’ it is the better.

At 17, she is taken by her aunt to Bath where she encounters the social whirl denied her at home. When Catherine accepts an invitation to the Tilney’s country seat at Northanger Abbey, lurid images from her favourite gothic novel Mysteries of Udolpho threaten to overwhelm her. However, all misunderstandings are eventually resolved and, as in all the best Jane Austen novels, the young heroine finally gets her man…

Adapted by acclaimed Austen specialist Tim Luscombe, whose Mansfield Park was also produced and toured by the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds.

Cast & Creatives

Annabelle Terry —

Emma Ballantine —

Eva Feiler —

Harry Livingstone —

Hilary Tones —

Joe Parker —

Jonathan Hansler —

Joseph Tweedale —

Tim Luscombe — Writer

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Sparkling and witty

The Stage

All very satisfying. And funny. And on tour.

Libby Purves

What the public say

WOW. Saw this tonight (2nd May) at the New Wolsey and was totally blown away. From the opening lines to the close, from the simple yet evocative scenery to the moody and appropriate music this was a must see. There were no weaknesses in the cast, only varying levels of strength. The two leads were magnificent and could not have been bettered. All the cast can be justifiably proud of this, as can all involved. Special praise to Eva Feiler who brought so much to Catherine that I was tempted to applaud each scene. Jane Austen would have given a standing ovation. I repeat, WOW.

Simon Thompson

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