The image shows two men wearing high visibility jackets over their dark clothing and masks that exaggerate their facial features, particularly their eyes and noses. One man wears a beanie hat and the other wears a flat cap. Both men have their hands held together in front of their stomachs and they are tucked next to each other as if for protection. The background is plain white.

Inspired by the antics of Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Mr Bean and commedia dell’ arte, Nittwits is an unashamedly light-hearted celebration of slapstick and knockabout comedy.

With original masks by Strangeface, this is a new and exciting development for The Complete Commedia Company. Far from Complete Commedia’s usual anarchic world and its riotous stock characters, Nittwits embraces the nostalgia of the silent movie. It is the story of two comical characters who meet, greet, argue and ultimately reunite over a newspaper. This non-verbal, highly visual comedy is ideal for children of all ages.

This performance is showing on:

  • Sunday 1 August, 1:30pm.
  • Sunday 1 August, 5:15pm.

Running time: approx. 30 minutes.

This show is free for everyone and you’re more than welcome to just turn up on the day – we can’t wait to see you!

All events as part of our ‘Swich programme will be carried out in accordance with the current government guidelines on Covid-19 on the date of the event.