Mavis Sparkle

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Presented by M6 Theatre Company

With a magician for a Dad and a stargazer for a Mum, no wonder there’s more to Mavis than meets the eye!

Her cleaning trolley is full of secrets and surprises and Mavis is moving ever closer to making her dreams come true. All she needs is a little help from her cheeky cuckoo clock, mischievous mop bucket, Spike the hedgehog and an audience of enraptured children.

Featuring a magical mix of illusion and animation, inspiring us all to dust away doubts, follow our dreams and reach for the stars!

For ages 3+ and anyone who ever had a dream.

Reviews of Mavis Sparkle

What the press say

“Enchanting...a treasure trove of delights”

The Stage

“The children were totally engrossed. A wonderful performance”

Westwood School, Oldham

What the public say

“Nothing could prepare me for how beautiful this show really is”

Festival Booker

“Great performance - put a sparkle in my heart”

Audience Member

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