Marvellous Mess – Messy Workshop

Showing on Sat 15 Feb
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Daisy's going on another adventure, and this time, she needs you! Welcome to the Imagination Creation Station! Let's build a city... or a rocket... or a jungle... it's up to you.

Children ages 3-8 and their parents/ carers are invited into a world of creative chaos and marvellous mess. What can you invent when the sky is the limit?! This workshop will be a hands-on theatre and craft event where children can invent, build and play within their own cardboard creations, alongside the characters from Messy! There will be certificates for the most imaginative inventions and lots of games led by Daisy and her friends.

We believe that the freedom to get messy and to be imaginative is a vital part of being a kid. Because of the 'hands on' nature of this workshop, children must have an adult supervisor with them at all times (1 adult per 2 children). Grown ups are very much encouraged to join in! (And in return, you can leave The Mess for us to clean up afterwards).

We know it can be tricky for families with disabled or SEND children to work out if an activity will be a good fit. We very warmly welcome children or adults who are SEND, d/Deaf, disabled or have any further access needs. Zoo Co's experienced team (including the performers) will be on hand to support all children to participate fully in the workshop. We can provide: BSL signers, vocal guides for visually impaired children, a quiet break-out space, the freedom to come and go, lots of space to wiggle around and make noise, and an experienced team who are passionate about inclusion. There won't be any loud music playing. Your child will be met with positivity, understanding and empathy, no matter what. Everybody is invited.

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Saturday 15 Feb 2020

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