Mark Simmons: Quip off the Mark - New Wolsey Theatre

Mark Simmons: Quip off the Mark

Performed on Mon 11 Sep

Mark Simmons stands against a pink and purple background, arms by his sides and wearing a red polo shirt. His eyes are wide, looking at something to the left of the viewer.

As Seen on Mock The Week, BT Sport and ITV, ‘Master of one-liners’ Mark Simmons brings his brand-new show on the road.

Mark recently joined Dara O’Brian and Hugh Dennis on BBC2’s Mock The Week as a semi-regular on the show and now brings you his hotly-anticipated show Quip Off The Mark. He’s also been appearing on BT Sport’s DIY pundit and The Rugby’s On.

Mark has also appeared in other TV shows such as ITV’s Out There, BBC Radio 4ExtraStands Up, a Channel 4 pilot starring alongside Bridget Christie, as well as BBC3’s One For The Road.
Mark also hosted News-ish and Film-ish on Fubar Radio alongside co-host Seann Walsh. And now is enjoying further success with his solo podcast, Jokes With Mark Simmons, where he invites a fellow comic, such as Gary Delaney and Milton Jones to discuss jokes that they’ve written but simply just haven’t worked.

This isn’t your average one-liner show as there is the running theme throughout. This year Mark’s parents have sold the house he grew up in and has to collect his box of stuff from the loft. Come discover what’s in the box in this top-level one-liner show structured in a way you’ve never seen before.

One of the UK’s pre-eminent pun merchants…the quickest quipster in showbusiness.
Evening Standard

Recommended age: 14+

Reviews of Mark Simmons: Quip off the Mark

What the press say

★★★★★ Master of one-liners…his (show) consist(s) of literally one liner after one liner, with one or two breaks for the audience to catch their breath before another assault on the laughter and muscles with the next segment.


★★★★ Absolutely hilarious.

The Scotsman

★★★★ A talented comic with an artisan’s grasp of joke writing.


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