Lotty’s War

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Presented by Lotty's War Ltd.

Written By Giuliano Crispini
Adapted By Clare Slater

Starring Ian Reddington (Robin Hood, Eastenders, RSC)

A mesmerising story of passion, courage and sacrifice, Lotty's War is a thriller set in the WWII enemy occupied Channel Islands. Based on a true story, this critically acclaimed play is ‘a must see show!’

With the last boat to England gone, Lotty is housed in close quarters with the enemy. As loyalties waver amidst the temptations of forbidden love and the politics of war, does Lotty dare to tread a passionate and dangerous path to save a friend?

Please note this production contains a loud gunshot.

Reviews of Lotty’s War

What the public say

Tne best performance I have seen at The Wolsey. It was absolutely brilliant and I àm still amazed how three actors can remember all their lines. The story was gripping and thoroughly entertaining. I loved it so much I would even go and we it again !!!!!

Helen Arnold

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