Justin And The Argonauts - New Wolsey Theatre

Justin And The Argonauts

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Presented by Common Ground Theatre Company
By Pat Whymark & Julian Harries

Only one festive show this year from Pat Whymark & Julian Harries - "Those magicians of Christmas entertainment" (EADT) - last year they gave us THE TINDER BOX and THE MYSTERY OF ST FINNIGAN'S ELBOW (for Eastern Angles) - but it'll be EPIC!.

The ancient myth of a ship full of heroes on an quest for glory is given the Common Ground make-over of gags, songs and surreal silliness...anyone who's seen one of their shows will know what's coming: ...swords, sandals, sea monsters and some very silly gods indeed!

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What the public say

saw the show at Aldeburgh at the weekend. A really funny, manic, daft play with a very talented cast. please see this show!


Saw the show at Aldeburgh Jubillee Hall last week - this show is full of dodgy characters from Greek Mythology, puns and sight gags galore, songs and dancing, cross-dressing, (deliberately) hammy acting, in short a seasonal delight!


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