Jo and Billie’s Tour de France - New Wolsey Theatre

Jo and Billie’s Tour de France

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Presented by Compagnie Animotion

For little and big ones. Don’t forget to wear a beret...

Find out what happens when a French boy and an English girl crash into each other and
cannot repair their bikes, how they overc

ome the language barrier and how Billie discovers her love of all things French. With bicycle percussion, bicycle choreography, bicycle acrobatics, bicycle puppetry and the bicycle race of the century, as French as a croissant wearing a beret, as sporty as the famous frog jumping Lyonnais Olympics in 1841, and as heartwarming as two young people realising, despite their differences they can still be friends.

Suitable for ages 3+. Our Studio Theatre seating is unreserved. All five rows in the theatre offers excellent views in the heart of the action so you choose your seats on arrival.

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