Goldilocks And The Three Bears

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Presented by Stuff & Nonsense

They only went out for a stroll… to let the food cool down. But when the three bears got home the house was a mess and Baby Bear's porridge had vanished completely! And that was just the beginning!

Broken chairs, unmade beds and a mysterious visitor who takes Baby Bear on a breathtaking adventure that turns his house and his world upside-down! Stuff and Nonsense return with a thrilling adaptation of everyone's favourite beary-tale! A brilliant mix of ingenious puppetry, music and mischievous moments for everyone in the family.

For ages 2+

Reviews of Goldilocks And The Three Bears

What the public say

My children, aged 4 and 2, had their first taste of theatre and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The story was well executed with lightness and humour throughout. Very well done, a pleasure to watch. Stuff and Nonsense are well worth seeing.


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