Four Nights In Knaresborough

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By / Paul Webb
Directed by / Rob Salmon

The 12th Century: The Archbishop of Canterbury is dead and England is crying out for the murderers' blood. The four knights guilty of the crime are being hunted, their lives and careers are ruined and one of them has a bloody awful toothache...

Set over the following year, Four Nights in Knaresborough attempts to answer the question of what happened after these men committed "the worst career move in history".

Funny, violent, touching and intelligent; join Brito, Traci, Morville and Fitz as they fight, freeze and fornicate through the worst year of their lives.

Strong language and graphic content make this play suitable for ages 14 and over.

Reviews of Four Nights In Knaresborough

What the public say

A fantastic performance from talented young actors, making us laugh and then reflect. Such a range of physicality and emotion must leave the cast exhausted. A really enjoyable evening.

Nicky Smith

Passions and cockups run high in this rampant, randy romp played out in a Yorkshire castle during the Crusades. Rude, violent, high-energy, engaging and witty, it boasts four perfectly balanced performances from young actors who prove impressively accomplished. The murder of Becket and the troubles faced by Henry II are merely the background to the problems faced by our knights, stuck in Knaresborough. No round table here. Subtle lighting by Justin Goad adds atmosphere and menace, with Rob Salmon's sure hand as director. Exceptional - don't miss it!

Alan Ayres

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