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Echoes – Mi Flamenco

Showing on Thu 31 Oct
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Echoes by Mi Flamenco

International flamenco company, Mi Flamenco, come to the New Wolsey Theatre for the first time with their dazzling multimedia touring production, Echoes.

Everything we experience leaves an indelible imprint... A trace... An echo.

Blending personal reflections of Spain with the power and poise of flamenco – Echoes beckons the audience to embark on a journey to the innermost curiosities and beauty of Andalusian culture.

Wild, beautiful, and contradictory, Spain has captured the minds of travellers, poets and artists for centuries. It has also invited cliché and criticism. These skilled dancers and musicians provide a very particular vision through Mi Flamenco's artistic lens.

This evocative multimedia production is an immersive experience combining filmic imagery, flamenco dance and soul-stirring music.

“…stunning flamenco dancing backed up by hugely talented guitar players and singers”.

Helen Potter (Docklands Review)
“…gut-wrenchingly beautiful dance.”

Matthew Jenkin (News shopper Review)

For Ages 10+

Presented by Mi Flamenco

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Running time: 2 hours

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Thursday 31 Oct 2024

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