Dracula: The Bloody Truth - New Wolsey Theatre

Dracula: The Bloody Truth

Performed from Tue 31 Oct — Sat 4 Nov

Dracula: The Bloody Truth

Dracula: The Bloody Truth

Dracula: The Bloody Truth Vox Pops

Four people in Victorian clothing are lit up in the darkness, screaming at something beyond the viewer, holding up crucifixes, daggers and garlic for protection. A title (with points resembling fangs) above them reads 'Dracula: The Bloody Truth.' Four five-star reviews run along the top of the image, along with yellow text reading a review that says 'Best New Comedy.' A yellow circle with black text at the bottom of the image reads 'Family friendly show.'

Stop what you’re doing and read this very carefully. Your life may depend on it…

This critically acclaimed, multi-five-star-awarded hilarious comedy will be presented by Professor Abraham Van Helsing and his three idiotic actors as they stage a life-changing, theatrical production surrounding the true events of Dracula. Will they pull it off? It’s highly unlikely! With four actors playing over forty characters and directed by one of the UK’s most exciting comedy directors, John Nicholson, Dracula: The Bloody Truth will make you die laughing!

Age guidance: 8+. Contains pulsating lights, pyrotechnics, haze, loud sound effects, some mock horror and words that sound rude (but are not!).

Reviews of Dracula: The Bloody Truth

What the public say

Brilliance- all four of them - I’m normally a quiet chuckler if something is funny but this had me in tears, snorting - the lot. There were so many ridiculous moments. Can’t remember when an audience were so engaged When they coming back???? Bravo !!!!!!

tony houghton

I havn’t laughed so much in a long time. A truly hilarious telling of one of the great horror stories. What a brilliant evening and fantastically performed show, can’t wait to see more from this company.

Kim Seager

An absolutely incredible show. Can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Thank you so much, please return to the Wolsey again. And well done to ' Joe' who joined the cast on the night! Superb! 😉


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