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Deaf Awakening

Showing on Tue 3 Sep
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Deaf Awakening

Deaf Awakening is a brand-new theatrical production that explores the deaf world perspective through a series of monologues, dialogues and short scenes.

This show aims to educate the public about the recurring themes of daily discrimination, system expulsion, ignorance and cultural misappropriation where deaf people find themselves in a dominant environment culture. However, this show also aims to raise awareness of the beauty of deaf culture and to appreciate the deaf community more.

This show was written after the writer conducted interviews with deaf people of all ages and genders on their views and experience as a deaf person through their life, workplace, finding their identity and sign language.

For ages 13+

Presented by D-Live Theatre Company

For ages 13+
Content Advice: This show contains strong language/swearing.

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Running time: 1 hours 35 minutes

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Tuesday 03 Sep 2024

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