Dark Sky Reserves

Performed on Sun 1 Aug

Step out of the hurly burly of Theatre Square and join us in the auditorium to contemplate the night-time and cosmos with your own set of headphones.

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In Spring 2021, during Lockdown 3, 84 young people aged between 7-27 and from across 7 different youth theatre groups, took part in digital youth theatre workshops to explore the theme of Dark Sky Reserves.

Dark Sky Reserves are protected spaces in the night sky, free of artificial light pollution, designed to allow human beings to enjoy, reflect upon and explore our nocturnal environment.

Our participants creatively explored themes including the night-time, dreams, sleep and the cosmos, and worked with professional playwright and poet, James McDermott.

What does it feel like to fall
Why do little girls have to smell like flowers
How do you realise the importance of now

This audio play reflects the many voices and experiences of the young people who took part in this project.

Now close your eyes.
We hope you enjoy.

Suitable for ages 7+. This is an audio play that will be experienced on individual sets of headphones. For this event audiences will be sitting in deck chairs, if anyone in your party would be more comfortable in alternative seating please give us a call so we can arrange this.

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