The image shows two large blue flowers and three smaller red ones around them. They look hand-drawn in style and the largest blue flower has a blue stem, at the end of which is the red nib of a fountain pen. Beneath this, in blocky red capital letters, is the word 'Daisy.'

Book, Music and Lyrics by Caroline Kay

Director:  Seimi Campbell

Musical Director: Sarah Travis


This story explores several forms of loss, challenges the resilience of a family, and celebrates the healing-power of storytelling. After waking from a coma with no memory of life before her accident, a young woman must try to move on knowing little more than her name: Daisy.

Her enduring passion for writing finds her escaping into the world of stories she creates in her notebook, but this coping mechanism still leaves Daisy feeling as though she can only move forward if she regains memories from her past. She never considers that perhaps some of the memories she’s so desperate to unlock might be even more difficult to accept than her new life without them. What begins as a story of personal struggle soon becomes a family’s shared experience of hardship, loss, and love.

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