Circus Oddity - New Wolsey Theatre

Circus Oddity

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Crying Out Loud on behalf of Circus Evolution.

Part of the Family Arts Festival.

A triple bill of extraordinary entertainment featuring an out of this world back-pedalling pianist, rapid-fire painting and idiotic clowning.

Meet the world’s first sidewinding, back-pedalling upright pianist. Is he from another time, or just out of time? Playing and singing as he rides, Rimski will dazzle you with his flawless fingerwork, dangerous stunts and daredevil dexterity.

A fantastic performer. An awesome act. Jon Hicks’ humorous puppetry and stylish speed painting executed to a kicking musical score have earned him the title of International Man of Artistry.

Sweet, slapstick trio, BettiCombo, delivers optimum fun. Bursting on stage with bags of enthusiasm, the three playful characters create a playground from countless white buckets and one towering Chinese pole.

Welcome to the world of circus, not as you know it!

Suitable for all ages!

Supported by the French Institute

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