On a white background is a minimalist silhouette in blue and red of a woman. She has red eyebrows and eyelashes and has her eyes closed. The image only shows her face from her eyes up. Her hair consists of three tiers of cake in alternating red and blue, a line of white icing across them. The tiers get smaller as they ascend and the word 'Cake' is written in large white letters on the base tier. The figure resembles Marie Antoinette.

Music and Lyrics by Jack McManus and Tasha Taylor-Johnson

Book and Lyric by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Director: Drew McOnie


Cake combines rap and RnB with 18th century France to retell a story that sparked a revolution. When Marie Antoinette married King Louis, her reputation was already tarnished by gossip. But when she is implicated in a crime to defraud the crown jewellers of a diamond necklace, it is not just her reputation at stake, but the monarchy and France itself.

MTFestUK is a yearly festival that promotes the best in new musical theatre. The 2 week long festival allows 8 new and emerging pieces of musical theatre to be presented in a workshop setting in front of a live audience. The presentations therefore are by no means complete and actors will use scripts, limited props etc. This is a deliberate choice to allow the writing team the opportunity to work on the material before projects move into full production.


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