Bleak House

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Bleak House, Adapted from the novel by David Glass, David Glass Ensemble

Bleak House is a powerfully physical, gothic retelling of the Dickens' novel that follows Esther Summerson's search for family and identity set against a brutal legal system hell bent on destroying those beneath it. Pickpockets, prostitutes rowdy drunks and con artists all feature, immersing us into a dank Victorian Britain, recreating the dark and dismal world of the lower orders of London.

Ages 14+

Reviews of Bleak House

What the public say

Innovative, dark and powerful, this performance is thrilling, gripping, and thought provoking. It is however, a "marmite" production, it is not an easy "show" to watch, but demands much from the audience, and I found the the swearing saddening, and lazy(by the dramatist not the actors who were brilliant) rather than neccessary and shocking. That one gripe aside, it is a highly competent and engrossing production, with a new and involving use for scaffolding, superbly enhanced by the lighting and sound effects, with brilliant and athletic/gymnastic acting.


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