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Big Ideas 7 – Write About Now

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Presented by The New Wolsey Theatre

Just 5 Days to make the play, 5 days to change the future of theatre for young people, by young people, with young people – forever.

Big Ideas brings professional theatre makers into the room with 15 participants from the New Wolsey Young Company and Youth Theatre to share their practice and explore new ideas.

This year participants will work with acclaimed playwright Danusia
Iwaszko to develop their own ideas as playwrights, concluding in a
performance of staged and script in hand readings on the New Wolsey stage.

Danusia Iwaszko is a playwright who has had more than 20 professional productions of her work staged locally, nationally and around the world. She was attached writer with the National
Theatre where her play One Glass Wall (published by Oberon) was short-listed for the Pearson Prize. She regularly teaches playwrighting in theatres, universities and prisons.

This is an amateur production presented as part of the New Wolsey’s annual Open Season. Find out more by browsing the Creative Learning section of our website.

Reviews of Big Ideas 7 – Write About Now

What the public say

We found the evening hugely entertaining. The concept was new to us but it worked perfectly as each excerpt held numerous possibilities for development and discussion. The acting talent was most impressive and the dedication and commitment of the young company little short of inspirational. At least one of the pieces suggested a playwright with a future. Everyone involved with the project deserves our thanks and encouragement.

Terry Jones

This was such an inspirational evening. Most particularly the acting was astonishing. The timing and the "off-camera" acting was impressive. Inevitably, we have an interest since one of the cast is in our family. But we are cruel and realistic critics. The range and type of subject matter alone would have been interesting enough. True, we didn't understand the excerpts entirely, but that was inevitable since they were always intended to be sections of a bigger project. This only inspired more post performance discussion and the expending of plenty of creative energy late into the night and the next day....and the day after that. It's wonderful that the Wolsey has such commitment to young talent...and how very talented they are! If this is the skill that can be discovered in this one small area of the country, one can barely imagine what, or who , might be lying dormant elsewhere across the nation. Raise a flag for the Wolsey and the Young Company.

Janet Trewin

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