Big Ideas 10: 24 Hour Play

Showing on Sat 21 Jul
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BIG IDEAS has been running for 10 years.

It’s a performance project that connect artists with young theatre makers from the acclaimed New Wolsey Young Company. Providing the artist or company with the opportunity to explore an original piece of work they want to make or an exploration of their professional practice.

Over the years we have worked with Gecko, Slung Low, Analogue, Metis, The Company of Angels, Nigel & Louise and more.

This year we will be working with Matt Harrison from the National Youth Theatre. Matt began his professional career as an actor and collaborator with the New Wolsey Theatre’s Creative Learning team, and we’re incredibly happy to have him back working with us.

This year is a little different as the usual week long process is gone and we’ve given ourselves just one day. 24 hours to be exact.
The participants will arrive on Friday evening with little more than the ideas in their heads and a sleeping bag. 24 hours later they’ll perform a new play. In between they write, devise, direct, rehearse, build, paint, and produce the work – they may even get some sleep.

It’s free, but you will need to book a ticket and you will have the opportunity to make a donation at the end of the performance.

See the future generation of theatre makers now.

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Saturday 21 Jul 2018

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