Backstage Tour (Made In Dagenham)

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The New Wolsey Theatre is opening its stage door to offer a brilliant and rare opportunity you go behind the scenes.

Our engaging, knowledgeable tour guides will lead you through the theatre to the dressing rooms, the green room, the lighting box, the trap doors, onto the stage and beyond!

Tours can be booked online but if you have access requirements please contact the Ticket Sales Team on 01473 295900.

Reviews of Backstage Tour (Made In Dagenham)

What the public say

My wife and | went to Made in Dagenham last night after an enthusiastic recommendation from a friend. My wife made the arrangements and so I knew nothing about the production and was not aware that it was a musical. I would have been less keen if I had known this in advance. We thoroughly enjoyed the production, we cannot remember when we enjoyed anything more! The cast did everything brilliantly and were completely successful in involving the audience in the story. Congratulations and thanks to all involved.

Phillip Simmons

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