Audience Evacuation Training

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We would like to invite you to a unique opportunity at the New Wolsey Theatre.

Twice a year our staff take part in a session focussed on evacuating the building in case of fire or a power failure. During this session we practice scenarios to allow our staff to be efficient and knowledgeable of the procedure.

This year we would like to invite you to join us as audience members to create a true likeness of evacuating our auditorium. We have space for 300 people to join us for this experience which will take place on Thursday 5th February from 7.30pm. You can book your place below.

During the evening all of the New Wolsey Theatre’s Front of House Staff, Volunteer Ushers and Technical Staff will be present. We will be running through 3 to 4 scenarios including evacuation due to fire, evacuation due to a loss of power and an evacuation due to a medical incident. Don't worry...we won't ask you to act or be involved in the scenarios other than you would be as a normal audience member. You'll receive a briefing on the evening before we start.

After your visit we ask you to complete a short survey which will give you the opportunity to provide constructive feedback to us. As a thank you for your time we will offer a return ticket voucher for a choice of performances upon receipt of your completed survey.

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