An Audience With Rationale - New Wolsey Theatre

An Audience With Rationale

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Following a sell-out performance of In My Shoes in 2013, hip hop dance company Rationale are back, and they want your feedback.

Rationale will return to Ipswich and the New Wolsey Theatre for 3 days where they will be exploring new storytelling techniques that will immerse you in an innovative way of interacting with dance, giving you ownership of the show.

Through exhilarating and witty choreography, Rationale are set upon taking storytelling to the next level, bridging the gap between old and young. Rationale promises to transform the four walls of a theatre into an exciting melting pot full of passion, energy and street dance.

In their new showcase Rationale presents stories that are exciting, heart-felt and thought provoking

Love Triangle – One filled with guilt and remorse, another pulled in every direction while the last struggles to deal with the thought of another. When three people are in love can there ever be a happy ending? Utilising triangular formations and structures, this piece examines the emotional complexities of a love triangle, through exploring the concept of emotional transference.

Spiritual - The path to enlightenment can be a difficult one. It is important that mind and body are connected if serenity is to be achieved. This piece looks at the connection and disconnection of the mind and the body through meditation and martial arts resulting in spectacular feats of physical dance movement!

In the second half of the show Rationale are giving YOU the audience the opportunity to directly give feedback to new pieces of work they are developing that explore the theme of visual impairment. Using groundbreaking techniques that stimulate the senses Rationale will present concepts that will definately give you a theatrical experience like no other!

An Audience with Rationale is all about questioning the pre-conceptions of theatre, breaking down the barriers, and enveloping the audience in something new and sensational. On Sat 11 October, you can see what they have produced and tell them what you think.

Exciting plans are already in place to talk to artists and the community to inform the theatre making process.

Seen the show? Want to have your say?