All The World’s A Stage…

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…and all the men and women merely players, they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.

The annual Youth Perform festival brings children and young people from all over Suffolk together to showcase their skills as young theatre makers, and this year takes the work of William Shakespeare as its theme in the 450th anniversary year of his birth.

It’ll be everything from As You Like it to The Winter’s Tale and back again. So brush up your Shakespeare, see some scenes from plays you may have never seen before, hear the wonderful language of the Bard from a variety of schools and youth groups drawn from all over Suffolk and support this fantastic project.

Tuesday 1st July
Drama Club 1, Drama Club 2, Westbourne Academy and Ormiston Sudbury Academy.

Wednesday 2nd July
Hollesley Primary, East Bergholt High, Northgate High and Youth Theatre 3.

Thursday 3rd July
Thomas Wolsey, Woodhall Primary, Cliff Lane Primary and Ormiston Endeavour.

Friday 4th July
Pipers Vale Primary, Castle Hill, Youth Theatre 1 and Youth Theatre 2.

This is an amateur production presented as part of the New Wolsey’s annual Open Season. Find out more by browsing the Creative Learning section of our website.

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