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Alfie Strange

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A New Wolsey Theatre Production

Written and Directed by Rob Salmon

There’s a book on the floor by Alfie’s bed that he’s been trying to read every night before he goes to sleep, but it’s so boring that every morning when he wakes up the book is back on the floor next to the smelly socks and all of the empty Match Attax wrappers he had promised his Mum he’d throw away. Sorry Mum!

If this was any other book he’d just give up, but ‘TRAINED TIME TRAVELLERS ONLY’ is no ordinary book! According to Alfie’s Grandad if you can read enough of it something magic happens…

This is the story of how Alfie Strange (aged 8 ¼) gets stuck in a book and how he escapes it. You won’t believe who he meets on the way!

For ages 7 - 9

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What the public say

Alfie Strange, what a fabulous performance the guys put on when they visited our school. ALL the children loved it and learnt a lot from it. The characters performed were great, the actors were great, the set was outstanding. The children were talking about it for days. parents were asking what it was about as children had gone home raving about it. A quote from our new teacher (who has also worked in a private school) "it's the best show I've seen." It had children and staff engrossed the whole performance. Well done for writing and performing such a great show. Thank you.

P Crane

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