A Tiger’s Tale

Performed from Wed 14 — Thu 15 Feb

Presented by M6 Theatre

M6 Theatre presents a fantastical new production by the award winning playwright Mike Kenny. Based on the extraordinary story of Fenella, the Holmfirth Tiger, A TIGER'S TALE is a high spirited balancing act of circus, puppetry, live music and song.

From a circus train in South Africa, to a steamboat on the Atlantic Ocean and onward to West Yorkshire, a ramshackle travelling troupe tell us the unbelievable true story of a family of acrobats and their adopted tiger cub.

Join Titch, Ma and Pa on their riotous adventure into a world where ‘all the best stories end with a surprise.’

For ages 4 years and over.

Reviews of A Tiger’s Tale

What the public say

This show was fantastic. I have been waiting to take my 8 year old to something suitable for his age for a while. I also took my 5 year old girl. The storytelling and direction was completely absorbing and it was such a shame that it was broken so many times by crying toddlers. At one point, at a very moving moment my boy turned to me and said ‘oh mummy, I can’t hear it’. And this was because he had 2 toddlers near to him who were bored and quite rightly letting their parents and everyone else know. The show states it’s for 4-11 year olds and that is great guidance. Toddlers won’t get it. Please, if you have little ones leave them with someone else. It’s not fair on the kids who it is pitched for. The Wolsey does so much for little ones, but this older bracket hard to cater for. Let them listen. He was desperate to focus and he couldn’t. I felt really sad for him as he shouldn’t have had to fight to listen and not come away with the experience we had paid for.


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