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A Farewell To Arms

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By / Ernest Hemingway
An adaptation by / imitating the dog

Acclaimed theatre makers imitating the dog bring their unique theatrical vision to this adaptation of A Farewell To Arms, one of the great love stories of the twentieth century.

In war-torn Italy, 1918, ambulance driver Frederic Henry begins a relationship with nurse Catherine Barkley, discovering the redemptive power of love whilst experiencing a loss of innocence in a time of devastating conflict. This new adaptation will fuse video projection, stage design and original music to create an extraordinary version of Hemingway’s powerful meditation on love and the brutality of modern warfare.

"multi-platform theatre makers of rare ambition" - The Guardian

Reviews of A Farewell To Arms

What the press say

outstanding technical and dramatic flair ★★★★

The Guardian

Rarely has the futility of conflict been so powerfully presented on stage ★★★★

The Stage

An absolute must-see

Uk Theatre

What the public say

An interesting staging that I felt detracted from the acting. The concentration on the written word was obviously very close to the text but despite characters delivering the words , music, film and an overhead of text the actual acting was lacking. A very strangely static drama. I have read that this style could well be the theatre of the future and I very much hope that this is not the case. The monotone delivery by Catherine in the first part was probably intentional and a demonstration of the existentional problems posed in the text - the gender divide, how much anyone can completely understand another etc - but. I found it turgid as drama. Thought provoking but not necessarily for the right reasons!

Sue Keeble

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