31 May 2018 Pulse

To celebrate Pulse Festival’s 18th birthday, this year we have asked two of our 18 year old Young Company members to see as many PULSE shows as they can, and blog about their thoughts.

Check in each afternoon to see what they’ve been getting up to and what they think of our #PULSE18 shows!

Ellie - One of our PULSE Bloggers


I am Ellie and a member of the New Wolsey Young Company.

I joined the New Wolsey Youth Theatre for what is probably getting on for almost ten years ago now! It’s been great growing and learning with the Wolsey and I have enjoyed so many experiences from performing in the various Youth perform festivals over the years and being part of the cast in Through the Looking Glass as well as working with great practitioners and alongside other companies like Gecko and Shunt.

On top of that I also get to see so much theatre and PULSE Festival is one of my favourite times of the year. I especially can’t wait to celebrate PULSE’s 18th Birthday this year –  it is funny to think PULSE and I are the same age!

So many shows have jumped out at me from the programme, but I am particularly looking forward to seeing last year’s suitcase prize winner James McDermott’s Rubber Ring and fellow Young Company members’ show Nice Guys by People You May Know Theatre Company.

Maddie, another PULSE Blogger


My name is Maddie and I am member of the New Wolsey Young Company.

New Wolsey has been a massive part of my life and I have been a part of the youth theatre since the age of 7. I have had the most incredible opportunities to perform on stage, being in the cast for two New Wolsey Youth Theatre productions (Through The Looking Glass and The Wind In The Willows) as well as all the wonderful Youth Perform festivals!

I have also had the opportunity to see some of the best pieces of theatre right on the New Wolsey stage and during Pulse! Pulse 2018 is nearly here and I couldn’t be more excited! Pulse is an incredible 10 day festival with the opportunity to watch and enjoy so much fresh, new and stunning pieces of theatre!

There are so many pieces I already can’t wait to see including Rubber Ring by James McDermott who was the winner of last year’s suitcase prize. Nice Guys by People You May Know presenting their take on modern men facing their identity crisis.

I will also be attending my first scratch day to see the beginnings of some incredible shows! I can’t wait to see another year of individual’s incredible work at Pulse!