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Image description: Rocky cliffs rise on either side of the landscape image, a lit-up castle at night sitting on the hill on the left, the silhouette of a couple and some trees on the right. Hovering above the valley is a golden stereo, lightning bolts and musical notes coming from it. It has a large pink banner over it reading 'Re-imagined.' Above it is the title 'The Snow Queen: Rock 'n' Roll panto' in the night sky, snowflakes and shards of glass raining down. A silhouette of a guitar sits between the stereo and the castle on the cliff on the left. Icicles hang down from the top of the image and in the top left a large golden moon hangs above the castle. In the foreground of the dark grey cliffs are the logos of the New Wolsey Theatre and Ipswich Building Society, the dates '17th-24th December' and web address 'www.wolseytheatre.co.uk.' Access icons for Audio Description, captioning, British Sign Language and a Relaxed Performance are on the left of the image. A white circle reads 'Book online now!' in the top right corner.

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