Dorian Gray email footer image

On a dappled blue and white background is the blue-and-grey-scale image of a phone with a smashed screen. On the screen is a picture of a young man gazing towards the sky, a filter adding a crown of flowers to his head. The camera button on the phone is lit up in pink. Pink icons like hearts, chat messages and buttons circle the phone and, to the right, in black writing is the title 'The Picture of Dorian Gray.' Underneath, in pink text, are the words ‘based on the novel by Oscar Wilde, written by Henry Filloux-Bennett, directed by Tamara Harvey, 16-31 March 2021,’ followed by icons in black indicating that the show has audio description and captioning available. Beneath the icons are the logos of the five theatres producing this show in black and white. From left to right, they are the Barn Theatre, the Lawrence Batley Theatre, the New Wolsey Theatre, Oxford Playhouse and Theatr Clwyd.

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